Traditional event

Hina matsuri(ひな祭り) ~Traditional event~

What is the Hina matsuri(Doll's Festival)? The Doll...
Traditional crafts

Kyo Yuzen(京友禅)

1. What is Kyo Yuzen? A kimono made by a dyeing tech...
Traditional crafts

Banshu Miki Uchihamono(播州三木打刃物)

1. What is Banshu Miki Uchihamono? Banshu Miki Uchih...
Traditional crafts

Osaka Senshu Kiritannsu(大阪泉州桐箪笥:Osaka Senshu paulownia chest)

1. What is Osaka Senshu Kiritansu? The paulownia che...
Traditional crafts

Toyooka Kiryuzaiku(豊岡杞柳細工)

1.What is Toyooka kiryuzaiku? It is a woodwork produ...
Traditional crafts

Omi Jofu(近江上布)

1. What is Omi Jofu? It is a woven fabric made a...
Traditional crafts

Ise Katagami(伊勢型紙)

What is Ise Katagami? Even now, more than 90% of the...
Traditional crafts

Kishu Tansu(紀州箪笥:Kishu chest)

1. What is Kishu Tansu? It is a woodwork product mad...
Traditional crafts

Osaka Ranma(大阪欄間:Osaka Banma)

1.What is Osaka Ranma? What is Ranma in the first pl...
Travel Diary(旅)

Travel diary 4 ” Extra edition 1” ~ I went to Yamaguchi Prefecture Iwakuni I went to! ~

1.Area Iwakuni City, a town with a beautiful bridge ...