Food culture

Retoro Western food LOCAVO

Rocavo, an adult hideaway Western-style restaurant.

Juicy hamburger with black demiglace sauce!

It is a shop run by two chef couples.

A popular shop even though it is a remote place.

The huge “barter restaurant” sign posted next to the entrance is noticeable.

What is barter? When I read it, if I bring extra vegetables for a family who runs a farmer or a vegetable garden, I will issue a discount ticket for that amount.

JAZZ has a nice atmosphere that has existed as a Western restaurant for many years, and there is a fairly loud BGM and good sound quality!

The potato soup is very rich but not persistent at all and very easy to drink and delicious.

There was also chicken cutlet, but the ponzu sauce that can be added to it does not spoil the juiciness of the chicken cutlet, and it is also the best gem that enhances the taste of the cutlet as it is crispy.

The hamburger is very juicy and has a nice nutmeg aroma.

Of particular note is the black demiglace sauce.

It has a very sweet flavor, probably because of the stir-fried onion effect, but it has an unpleasant sweetness and richness, so it is very high quality.

The hamburger is also quite delicious!

You can also take out, so it will be a very luxurious lunch with a picnic between sightseeing in Kyoto!!

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I introduced it briefly, but when you actually come to the site, you can experience the history and tradition more concretely with the locals.

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