Food culture

An old folk house cafe overlooked by Imai’s symbol tree.

An enoki tree, which is about 420 years old, stands in front of the store, and the name of the store is named after the name “Chinese hackberry” in English.

The self-renovated interior has a playful structure, such as the 1st floor, the mezzanine floor, and the attic-style 2nd floor, taking advantage of the building’s modeling.

The most popular lunch is the avocado bowl, which uses a whole avocado.
The decisive factor for the taste is the special teriyaki sauce made by boiling chicken for 8 hours.

The German-style pancake “Dutch Baby”, which you can enjoy at cafe time, is a specialty of this place that uses plenty of eggs.

The outside is crispy and the inside is chewy, and it is served hot.

I introduced it briefly, but when you actually come to the site, you can experience the history and tradition more concretely with the locals.

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