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HEP FIVE is marked by a red Ferris wheel with a diameter of 75m.

HEP FIVE is a commercial complex located in the center of Umeda, Osaka, with a red Ferris wheel as a landmark.

“HEP” is an acronym for Hankyu Entertainment Park.

From the 1st basement floor to the 6th floor above ground, there are stores for fashion and miscellaneous goods, some of the 7th and 5th and 6th floors are restaurants, and the 2nd basement floor and the 8th and 9th floors are amusement facilities.

The biggest feature is the huge red-painted Ferris wheel with a diameter of 75m, which is installed so as to cut into the upper part of the building.

It is lit up by a computer-controlled floodlight not only during the day but also at night, making it a symbol of the facility.

The platform is on the 7th floor, the gondola passes through the rooftop and rises to a height of 106m above the ground, and the summit is 106m above the ground with a panoramic view of central Osaka.

In addition, a red whale with a total length of 20 m designed by Mr. Tatsuya Ishii is swimming in the atrium, which has become a 6-story atrium in the hall.

It is a facility where you can enjoy amusement while shopping.

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