iDeCo(Pension system:Investment trust)

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This time, I would like to talk about Japan’s “Individual Defined Contribution Pension” iDeCo “”.

A private pension that you create yourself to prepare for the future.

Apply by yourself, contribute the premium, and choose the operation method by yourself to manage the premium.

You can receive the total amount of the premium and its investment profit as a benefit.

It is possible to join up to the age of 65, and it is a mechanism to accumulate by yourself in units of 5,000 to 1,000 yen monthly and receive it after the age of 60 in principle.

With iDeCo, the accumulated amount is subject to income deduction, and income tax and residence tax are reduced.

It is a Japanese system that not only prepares for the future but also helps households.

Perhaps because of concerns about the Japanese pension system, the number of people in their 40s is increasing in Japan.

It is a pension system that you should know when living in Japan, so please just visit.

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