Travel diary 2 ~ I went to Tenkawa Village, Nara Prefecture! ~

Travel Diary(旅)


Tenkawa village is located in the central part of the Kii Peninsula, and one-quarter of the area of the village is designated as Yoshino Kumano National Park.

It is home to the Omine Mountain Range, which has a famous mountain range including Mt. Yatsugatake, the highest peak in the region, and its drop in the source basin becomes a pure冽 meteor that crosses the valley, creating a beautiful natural landscape including a famous waterfall.

People have long been in awe of the mountains and the deep nature.

In 2004, it was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountains”, and Tenkawa Village was registered as a major component of the “Omine Oku 駈 Road”, Rei Many ascensors still visit The Sacred Mine Omine (Mt. Yamamigatake), a part of yoshino omine, a place that originated in Shugendo, which was opened by the executives about 1,300 years ago.

2.Tours and experiences

I took a bath at “Dogawa Onsen”.

Dogawa Onsen is located on the banks of the Yamami River, which is the origin of the Kumano River from Mr. Omine, and is located at a high altitude of about 820 meters above sea level, and it is said that it is also called Karuizawa in Kansai because of its cool climate.

The room was a simple, weakly alkaline spring, and after bathing, the skin was smooth.

It has a healing effect on neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, motor paralysis, chronic fire extinguisher disease, coldness, etc., and is used to recover from fatigue of Omine’s climbers.

Don’t miss the indoor bath using Yoshino cedar and the open-air bath where you can enjoy the feeling of a hot spring.


I went to Oh Tree for lunch today.

First of all, a log house with a thick real round log was welcomed, and it was welcomed by a signboard with a very cute logo.

It was a café using organic ingredients from local production and local consumption, and seasonal ingredients were always provided, and the atmosphere was very calm and cozy.

This time I had a fried set meal with Wild boar curry.

The café’s menu is based on Japanese cuisine and is healthy but delicious.

It is a dish that feels the depth of nostalgia that combines the strength of the ingredients with the skills of Japanese cuisine that make use of its uniqueness.

The color was also good, and all the ingredients harvested near Tenkawa village were used, and it was very delicious.

4.Temples and Shrines

We went to “Omine Hongu Tenkawa Daiben Zaitensha (Tenkawa Shrine)”.

The strongest power spot is here “Tenkawa Shrine”.

Tianhe Shrine辨 one of Japan’s three largest sacred treasures, is known as the god of performing arts, and there are many musicians who escaped from the slump and created excellent songs, and the power is certain.

Because Tianhe Shrine is the center of the three major sacred sites of Yamato such as “Takano”, “Yoshino” and “Kumano”, it is a special shrine with tremendous powerful power.

On this day, I prayed for the safety of the car.

It was the first time I saw it, and I thought it was a very calm place to go directly, but I feel like I was more powered to see a more convincing scene.


In addition to Dogawa Onsen, Amagawa DaikarazaiTensha, and Oto, there are unexplored areas that have not yet been introduced, such as the Mimazai Valley and BBQ on the beautiful Milky Way.

I never thought there would be a place where you could feel the history in such a hidden place.

I think that it is a good village for those who want to spend time slowly in Japan.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Please feel free to contact us as we can guide you in addition to Tenkawa Village.

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