Imai-cho, Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture

Travel Diary(旅)

This time I will show you around Imai-cho.

Imai-cho, where many old folk houses still exist

It has been selected as an “Important Traditional Buildings Preservation District”.

In the area of about 600m from east to west, about 310m from north to south, and an area of 17.4ha, there are about 500 traditional buildings out of about 760 units in total, which is the number in the area. We are proud of being the best in Japan.

Of the total number of buildings, about 760, there are about 500 traditional buildings, which is the largest number in Japan in the area.

The houses built using the local building materials of the time and using the elaborate techniques of craftsmen strongly reflect the climate, nature, and history of the land, and can be said to be a valuable asset of private house construction.

The construction of Imai-cho itself shows the history of prosperous commerce, rejecting intruders from the outside, and building an independent autonomous city.

The townscape reminiscent of the Edo period is a must-see.

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