Food culture

Friendly owner chef couple.

It seems that the chef’s cherished idea is to use local ingredients and Utsuwa from Nara.

Light French for local production for local consumption.

At first glance, Tama is the only French restaurant in the town that is so familiar to the town that it can be mistaken for a private house.

You can relax and enjoy your meal while looking at the large garden that is characteristic of the townhouses in Imai-cho.

Cooking is only an entrusted course day and night.

Using seasonal ingredients from Nara, such as vegetables procured from farmers in Gose City, Baaku pork in Gojo City, and venison in Otocho, we have created a healthy taste that is not bound by the French frame.

It matches not only wine but also local sake from Nara carefully selected by the chef according to the food, so please enjoy the compatibility between sake and food.

I briefly introduced what it is like, but when you actually come to the site, you will be asked to experience the history and traditions more concretely with the local people.

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