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This time

Tomogashima ⇒ Kuroshio ichiba ⇒ Uruwashi kan ⇒ Kuroe nurimonokan

Let’s enjoy the Kishu lacquerware trip in Wakayama prefecture by the route of! !!


Take the Tomogashima Kisen ferry to the uninhabited island “Tomogashima”.

The ferry service hours vary depending on the season, but even when there are many, there are about 6 flights a day.

The ferry has a capacity of about 100 people, and depending on the timing, you may have to wait until the next flight with a numbered ticket.

Only 20 minutes from the ferry departure, you can see the island while enjoying the view of the sea while bathing in the pleasant sea breeze.

Okinoshima is an island with a circumference of about 8 km, and is dotted with the remains of facilities of the former Japanese Army, such as the remains of five batteries and the remains of an ammunition depot.

The first place I went to was the 3rd Battery Ruins, the main spot on the island, which is in the best preserved state, retains its original appearance, and best shows the unique atmosphere of the island.

This is the ammunition depot at the “3rd Battery Ruins”.
The red brick building that suddenly appears in the mountains is a masterpiece.

Covered with greenery, the texture that makes you feel the times is mysterious in combination with nature.

The ruins of a round turret in a corner surrounded by a red brick wall were covered with overgrown vegetation.
The harmony between this man-made object and nature is also exquisite.

A space that you rarely see in your daily life is spreading in front of you in the real world.

The charm of “Tomogashima” is not limited to the nostalgic scenery.

After all, this is an uninhabited island.
It is full of rich nature.

There are two campsites on the island, and tents can be set up.

It is very popular with guests in the summer.

Exquisite atmosphere created by nature and old ruins. And the extraordinary feeling of an uninhabited island surrounded by the sea.

It was a luxurious spot recommended for anime fans, history enthusiasts, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Kuroshio ichiba(黒潮市場)

This is the entrance to the theme park, where tuna will welcome you.

Please enjoy the attractions!

It is a tuna theme park where you can feel, enjoy and taste “tuna”.

Adults and children will be fascinated by the craftsman’s performance at the raw tuna dismantling show held three times daily!

Inside the building that reproduces the shopping street of the Showa 30’s

It reminds me of the vibrant Japan of those days.

Fresh ingredients are landed every day.

You can also have them cook what you buy on the spot and eat it.

You can shop and eat in a different mood.

You can also experience making dried fish and sushi, so it is popular as a facility where you can enjoy learning!

Tuna that Japanese people like to eat.

The one that has just been landed and is in the best condition with good fat paste,
At our shop, we disassemble it in front of you and sell it as sushi and rice bowls as well as blocks.

It’s exciting to see the big tuna being dismantled by the craftsmen’s knives.

By all means, when you come to the Kuroshio Market, please take a look at the tuna dismantling show, which is brilliantly judged.

Please enjoy the freshly prepared “raw tuna”.

We sell large Toro, medium Toro, lean meat, etc. at a bargain price.

Uruwashi kan(うるわし館)

This is a facility where you can observe and experience Kishu lacquerware.

Well then let’s go!

In the Kuroe district, where the historic cityscape still remains, we are exhibiting and selling Kishu lacquer ware, which is called Japan’s three major lacquer ware.

We sell traditional lacquer ware materials, as well as heavy boxes, trays, and bowls.

Works other than vessels are also made, such as drawing a picture of a castle with Kishu lacquer ware.

Jumbo lacquer ware made by the youth club every year.

You can experience traditional techniques and lacquer work.

Let’s make only one original lacquer ware in the world while touching Kishu lacquer ware directly!

Kuroe nurimonokan(黒江ぬりもの館)

Kuroe Japan Ware Hall was originally a lacquer craftsman’s house built 160 years ago at the end of the Edo period. The 2nd floor was used as a workshop for craftsmen, and there was a room (Muro) for drying lacquer ware, so it has a slightly different shape as a residence.

Most of the female staff live in Hainan and Kuroe, so we will entertain our customers while talking about the history and interesting stories of Kuroe.

Experience the tea time you can enjoy with Kishu lacquer ware.

There is no doubt that you will forget the time.

Negoro lacquer sharpening experience.

A popular Negoro lacquer sharpening experience as a workshop unique to Kuroe. Draw a picture by sanding the surface of the plate painted in vermilion with lacquer.

How was your trip this time?

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Also, I would like to post an interesting part of Kansai.

Then, have a good trip from now on!!

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