Tsubaki Ookami Yashiro(椿大神社:Tsubaki Grand Shrine)

Cultural heritage

Tsubaki Grand Shrine, which sits at the foot of the Suzuka Mountains, is the inner shrine at the top of Nyudogadake (906 meters), which is one of the natural shrines.



Tsubaki Grand Shrine is said to have benefits such as land and house safety protection, jichinsai, good luck in exterminating evil, disease-free breathing, traffic safety, travel safety, business prosperity, and prosperity of good luck descendants.

In particular, the prosperity of good-luck descendants is a power spot that makes it famous when you visit it on the Internet, and many people from all over the country visit it.

It is nicknamed “Tsubaki-san” by the locals.

In addition, since the wife of Sarutahiko Ogami, “Ame-no-Uzume no Mikoto,” is enshrined in the annex, it is also popular as a matchmaking shrine, and young people are increasingly coming to worship.

Recommended spots in the precincts.

No Torii

The Notorii is a large stone torii located just in the middle from the entrance to the hall of worship.

At one point, a samurai cut down a tree at Tsubaki Grand Shrine and built a building, but it burned out overnight, so I thought it was a punishment from God and built this torii as a sign of apology. The legend remains.

Kanae Waterfall

Kanae Waterfall is famous as a power spot for fulfilling good luck and fulfilling romance!

If you take a picture of this waterfall and use it as a standby screen for your smartphone, your wish will come true.

You can also dedicate votive tablets next to the waterfall, so it’s a good idea to ask again.

Blessing ball

This place is also one of the power spots.

It is said that if you pray three times while stroking the ball on the pedestal, saying “Pay, cleanse, and Kiyotsugu Rokune,” you will bring happiness to your heart and your wish will come true.

The way of worshiping at Tsubaki Grand Shrine is the same as the shrine you usually visit.

The worship method is an action to purify the mind and body, calm the mind, and head toward the shrine.

By valuing etiquette, you will strengthen your connection with God.

Actions to go to the shrine

How to use hand water

Be sure to cleanse and head to the shrine at the Chozuya in the shrine.

At the Chozuya, take the cassotte with your right hand, cleanse your left hand, then change hands and cleanse your right hand.

After purifying your hands, change the cassotte to your right hand, receive water in the palm of your left hand, and rinse your mouth.

After that, after purifying the left hand, finally, hold the cassotte vertically and wash the handle with the remaining water.

How to walk the approach

Many people are walking in the middle of the approach to the shrine, but it is not a good practice at the shrine.

The center of the approach is a path for God to walk, and it is necessary to keep it open.

Therefore, when heading to the shrine, it is necessary to walk on the left or right end of the approach, not in the middle of the approach, so that God can pass through.

How to worship

Next is the manner of worship.

First, let’s throw money and worship.

After that, we will worship. The worship service is two worship services, two claps, and one worship service.

For worship (fold your hips 90 degrees and lower your head), fold your hips up to 90 degrees and lower your head twice.

Then, clap both hands twice at chest level, and, as at the beginning, bend your hips up to 90 degrees and worship.

Please try it when you come to Japan and worship.


Twice a year, we hold a citizen-participation-type festival where worshipers go to the site together with the priest’s priesthood.

It is said that you can train your body and soul by climbing a sacred mountain.

By the way, the residents of Mie prefecture usually clean their cars here and often put stickers on them.

Let’s observe carefully from now on.

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