Ise Katagami Shiryokan(伊勢型紙資料館:Ise Paper Museum)

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Facility introduction

The Suzuka City Traditional Industry Center will introduce Suzuka City’s nationwide “Suzuka Ink” and “Ise Katagami”, and hope that as many people as possible will know about it and pass on the excellent industry to future generations. It was established by Suzuka City in 1983 to improve the culture and culture of the citizens.

The “Suzuka Sumi” and “Ise Katagami” on display are representative works that have been handed down from the Edo period to the present day.

Exhibition contents

Ise katagami

Ise katagami is a pattern originally used to dye kimono patterns and patterns, and is a traditional craft tool that boasts a history of more than a thousand years.

Kimono patterns and patterns are carefully carved with a chisel on a paper pattern made by processing Japanese paper with persimmon tannin. Carving a paper pattern requires highly skilled skills, patience and patience.

In April 1983, we received the designation of traditional craft tools from the Minister of International Trade and Industry (currently the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry).

Exhibits: Pattern paper pattern, pattern paper for each technique, tools (such as chisel), ancient pattern paper (Edo period), materials from the Edo period (such as kamishimo), explanations of manufacturing techniques using panels, various documents (material room)


Suzuka ink

Suzuka ink is said to have been made for the first time in the Nara period.

However, what is certain is that it was developed in relation to Ise Katagami at the end of the Edo period.

Currently, its production accounts for 10% of the national total, and it makes Japanese ink. At its peak, there were about 10 ink makers, but now there is only one.

In October 1980, it was designated as a national traditional craft, and the traditional technique is preserved and handed down.

Exhibits: Old ink, blue ink, modern ink, tools (wooden pattern), raw materials (glue: glue, soot: soot, etc.) Explanation of how to make with panels


Here you can experience engraving and make your own Ise katagami.

There are bookmark engraving experience, mini colored paper / colored paper engraving experience, and dyeing experience, which can be experienced in 30 to 60 minutes each and 180 minutes in a long experience.

You can take the finished work home as a souvenir.

Let’s make your own Ise katagami together!

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